The extra virgin olive oil produced in the lands of the Cilento National Park is a food with very high organoleptic qualities.
With a golden-yellow color and intense aromas, the olfactory test leaves an enveloping taste with bitter and spicy flavors very pleasing to the palate.
Considered an irreplaceable ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, it can be used both raw for grilled fish, vegetable soups, legume soups, wild salads, bruschetta, vegetables, pasta dishes and meats, both cooked for cooking stews, sauces, meat sauce and fried.
Capable of enhancing even the simplest dishes, extra virgin olive oil will become an indispensable part of one's wellbeing.

olio extravergine di oliva                  bottiglia da 1 L. € 8.00
                                                     tanica da 3 L. € 23.00
                                                     tanica da 5 L. € 38.00

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